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NOTIZIE / Progetti / THE LONELINESS OF ASKOS, now available in english!


What happens when the Archaeological Museum is closed and - due to force majeure - all archaeologists, restorers, staff are at home? Find out with us!
The loneliness of Askos is a comic book by Elena Maria Canè, conceived and produced during the lockdown following the pandemic from COVID 19.


A project by the Archaeological Museum of Bologna - Istituzione Bologna Musei (Paola Giovetti, Elena Maria Cané, Anna Dore, Federica Guidi, Marinella Marchesi)

Comics by Elena Maria Cané

Texts by Elena Maria Cané and Anna Dore

Translated by Marinella Marchesi and Camilla Roveroni


See also the Italian Version here.

See also the French Version here